Burnout Can Be an Opportunity

by | Jun 15, 2022 | Coaching For Creatives

If you’re finding yourself mentally and physically exhausted and hating the things that used to bring you joy, then you, like most of us these days, are probably burned out.  

Modern life has always been stressful, and after two and a half years of a pandemic, ongoing political unrest, and financial uncertainty, we could all use a break. 

But burnout isn’t just about needing rest, it’s also about needing change. It’s your life telling you in no uncertain terms that things cannot continue as they are. 

Within the hot mess of burnout is the opportunity to define for yourself what really matters. It’s a chance to reprioritize and make the changes necessary to live your best life. 

Maybe your burnout reveals that you’ve been chasing the wrong things for the wrong reasons, or perhaps the right things in the wrong ways. 

The trick is to remember that all change starts on the inside. 

In order for you to rise to the opportunity that burnout has presented, you must face whatever it is that’s keeping you from saying no, logging off, stepping back, and speaking up.  

Instead of fighting burnout, pay attention to where it wants to lead you.

Whether that’s to a new place, a new career, or just a new version of yourself. 

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