Take your screenwriting
career to the
next level.

A six week online course and community that prepares new and aspiring screenwriters for careers as writers in Hollywood. Join today to learn how to replace guesswork and procrastination with clarity, focus, and confidence — so you can stop feeling stuck,  and start making progress.

WWS is for anyone who wants to:


Go from industry novice to Hollywood boss

Stop wandering aimlessly and get in the driver’s seat of your screenwriting career. The WWS will teach you how to confidently navigate Hollywood, and how to be the creative entrepreneur that professional screenwriting requires.


Turn procrastination into progress.

There’s nothing worse than feeling guilty for spending hours on social media instead of working on that script idea. Turn procrastination into tangible progress by learning how to create your own productivity system.


Build a supportive professional network

Network with a community of supportive, like-minded screenwriters on the same journey.

“The Map”

“This course has given me a map that I will return to again and again as I move forward in my career as a writer. It’s not just about how a writers room works and how the industry works; it’s about how to be the person who gets there, who moves beyond it, and who builds a productive and rewarding career.”

Jay Burlingham


The Course

MODULE 1: The Business of Hollywood + Getting Repped

Build a strong foundation for the long term. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the business of Hollywood, you’ll learn what the industry is looking for, how to embody those characteristics so you can GET REPPED and take your career to the next level.

MODULE 2: Networking

The word “networking” has been known to
strike fear into the heart of even your least
socially awkward writer. But fear no more
weirdo, because networking isn’t about stiffly blurting out your feature idea to a stranger like a robot, it’s about making genuine connections with hustlers just like you. In this module, you’ll get an actionable roadmap to navigate the Hollywood machine, learn how to build and maintain your network, find collaborators, and more.

MODULE 3: Skills & Action

Learn how to build a productivity system around your creative projects that kill procrastination and gets you from idea to execution on autopilot so you can build momentum and create a path all your own.

MODULE 4: Inside the Writers Room & Pitching A TV Show

How do I nail a TV staffing interview?” “What happens in a writer’s room?” “How do I knock my first job out of the park and make sure everyone wants to hire me forever?” You’ll also learn a TV Writer’s other most crucial job — how to pitch a TV show.

MODULE 5 – Beyond the Room

The transition from the rigidly structured world of a 9-5 to the wide-open plains of a working writer can be a rocky one. This module will cover how to make the final transition from civilian to Boss including an introduction to F.I.R.E in The Werking Writer’s 6 Step Guide to Money Management Workbook where I walk you through how to save for those in-between times, pay off debt, and build lasting wealth without overwhelm.

Students complete weekly assignments after each week to put what they learned into action.

About Charla

Hey! Charla here. I’ve written for The Last OG, People of Earth,  Hoops, and other comedies and I can say with confidence that the vast majority of TV writing and industry courses don’t prepare students to be working writers.

This means that new screenwriters enter the industry with no idea what happens in a Writer’s Room, what their job is, or how to navigate their careers.

I started The Werking Writer School because I’m tired of the secrecy that surrounds writer’s rooms. I think it sets new writers up to fail and makes it harder for them to hit the ground running when they finally land that first staff job.

If you’ve been working towards your goal of being a screenwriter and it feels like there’s no clear way forward, it’s because there is no right way. You have to create your own path.

And now, you don’t have to do it alone. When you join the Werking Writer program, you’ll get the training, knowledge, guidance, and community you need to mindfully build a system for your career so you can stop feeling lost and create a path forward to start WERKING.

“You need to take this course!”

As a writer, I know my what and why – the “how” of it all is what I have been seeking. The Werking Writer course answered that question for me in a big way. After taking this course, I have a clear framework for the mindset, productivity, networking, and financial management skills needed for longevity in this industry. If you are looking for forward momentum in your career, you need to take this course!

Nicole Bennet

Trusted By Writers Like You

This program gave me specific insight into the film/TV industry that I’ve rarely if ever heard anyone talk about in a class before (for example how a writers’ room actually works), as well as mindfulness and management practices for me to reach my full potential.

Applying tools from Werking Writer has given me more control, and therefore less stress working in such a challenging industry. It’s been an incredibly valuable experience

Nicole Pasquale

Writer and Actress | Los Angeles, CA

As someone who’s gone into credit card debt taking comedy classes (sorry, credit score in my early 20s) and attended numerous industry workshops and panels over the last decade, I’ve never had a program provide such clear, proven, and actionable advice for those looking to make the leap from balancing day jobs and side hustles to pursuing screenwriting and filmmaking full-time as this one.

Charla’s insights throughout these modules are useful for writers and creators at various stages in their career. I definitely feel like I’m armed with a lot more knowledge about breaking into an industry that hasn’t been covered elsewhere.

Meghan Ross

Writer | Austin, TX

The Werking Writer Course helped me with nearly all aspects of my writing. After taking it I’m procrastinating less, networking more, and have a clearer sense of direction on how to advance professionally.

Most of all I’m enjoying writing more than ever. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about screenwriting.

Levi McCachen

Stand-up Comedian and Writer | Vancouver, BC


Lifetime access

Lifetime access to the program including all future updates + all future cohorts.



Access to a private community of ambitious creatives and industry professionals.



Workshop sessions with working TV writers.

“A Wonderful Mentor”

“I highly recommend the Werking Writer Course. It was so great to be a part of a community of writers under Charla’s leadership. Charla helped create community both in class and offline, and for that, I’m grateful. Charla is very knowledgeable about the industry and a wonderful mentor!”

Mia Bernadino

Writer and Actress

“I Feel More Prepared!”

“There are a ton of writing classes out there, but Charla helped me work through the stuff that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I feel more prepared and more knowledgeable to take on the next phase of my writing career!”

Dylan Evans


Werking Writer School Is Not For You If:

  • You’re a hobbyist.
  • You want a course on writing.
  • You’re not ‘coachable’ and willing to try new things.
  • You’re not willing to take action on your dream career.

To be clear: This is not a writing course.

Don’t wander aimlessly through Hollywood.


Learn a system for your career that gives you:

  • The creative freedom to do your best work.
  • The emotional freedom to focus on what matters.
  • The industry knowledge to navigate Hollywood with confidence.

More Testimonials

“Becoming aware that there are so many skills outside of just the craft of writing and comedy that are crucial to your success is so important. Every creative needs to understand that writing and creating is just one component of being in the industry and this class definitely helps to fill that gap. If you feel stuck or as if you don’t know what move to make next – I would definitely recommend this class. Even if you feel you are progressing well in your career, Charla uses her lived experience to help you avoid common mistakes. “

Jordana Jason


“I left my job as a development executive at the top of 2020 to be a writer and spent the next two years writing. Going into The Werking Writer course I was burning out and looking for accountability as I was losing sight of my career. Charla and this program helped me get out of my own way and not only get unstuck, but help me gain a renewed focus. Each week offered tons of practical information that can be employed immediately — and you will be required to. This program also made me feel less alone. Gathering regularly with a trusted community of creatives that know your struggle was therapeutic and rejuvenating. The information and relationships I have gained in this program are lifelong.”

Selam Andeberhan


“Charla’s course has helped me feel less stuck in my corporate job and more fearless in pursuing my creative path. I wrote my first pitch during her course and planned a one-month-long international run of my solo show. Charla shares practical tips and personal experiences that have helped me see that the creative life I want is possible. She gives you an honest peek into what being a TV writer is like both on professional and personal fronts, so you can make the call that is right for you. As a discussion moderator, Charla builds and maintains a positive and inclusive space where classmates can learn and lift each other.”

Ann Chunharakchote

Writer and Comedian

“Werking Writer made me realize that despite getting an MFA for fiction a decade ago (and working as a freelance creative for hire since then), I had never really understood how to take my personal creative work to a professional level. One of the biggest things I’m taking away from this is a strategy and plan for *finishing* projects and setting realistic goals, plus the writer’s room is demystified by talking with people with typical careers, and by the info, Charla provides each week. This is such a generous offering for people who want to break in, and it’s real talk. I got something out of every part of it.”

Nicole Kelly


“This program was exactly what I needed to push me in the right direction when I felt stuck in the neutral phase of my career. Being a creator as well as a mom, I appreciated the tools and assignments that led me to dig deep and discover new and mindful ways to tackle my busy life. Charla’s warm persona was also so supportive and helpful. She brought in mentors who were candid and honest which were awesome. I appreciated and learned a lot from the writer’s room module and pitch breakdown which weren’t sugar-coated or overly optimistic but very real and insightful.”

Debi Brandshaw


“The Werking Writer program was EXTREMELY helpful to me. The way Charla provides a framework to change your mindset, own your value, and create concrete goals that are in your control is profoundly impactful. The mentor sessions with working writers at all levels gave me a glimpse into the inner workings of the industry that I feel has prepared me for my career and made it all seem so much more possible.”

Erica Warnock


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No questions. No explanations. No awkward pauses.

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Live Virtual Course Update | January 23, 2024

Prefer a live course experience instead of being solo online? Join me for the live course update this January 2024. I’ll be teaching the course live with updated and expanded lessons.

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Your Questions, Answered

Who is this course for?

This course is for writers who are actively trying to break into Hollywood and have at least one completed half-hour comedy or drama pilot script.  If you do not have a completed pilot script, I recommend Ben Axelrad’s TV Writing course or Script Anatomy

Can I pay in installments?

Sorry, installment payments are not available.

What happens after I buy the course?

You’ll automatically get access to the course. 

I’m not just a screenwriter. I’m also an Actor/Director/Panda. Is this course for me?

Yes! This course is built for multi-hyphenates who have a strong desire to be in a television writer’s room. 

Do I need to be a working screenwriter to join this course?

No. This course is not for working screenwriters, it is designed for writers who are actively working towards breaking into Hollywood.

What makes this program different?

There are tons of screenwriting courses out there but none of them teach you how to navigate the industry. There are also lots of coaches and consultants in Hollywood but most of them are executives who have never actually stepped foot in a writer’s room. You’ll be learning from writers who’ve been exactly where you are and who can give you the actionable guidance you need to get you moving in the right direction.

Got questions? Drop us an email at school@thewerkingwriter.com

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