The Best Screenwriting Courses for Breaking Into a TV Writer’s Room

by | Feb 2, 2023 | Coaching For Creatives, Working Screenwriters

Breaking into TV requires a solid TV script, but there are so many courses out there that it may feel impossible to figure out which one is the right one. Whether you’re a beginner just writing your first script, or an experienced writer who just wants some accountability to write your latest and greatest idea, here are some of the best courses I’ve taken out there: 


Best For Beginners

If you’re a new writer writing your first script, or if you’re writing your third script but feel you’re still struggling to understand TV structure, check out Ben Axelrad’s Pilot Course

Ben’s curriculum breaks down pilot writing structure in a way that’s clear and straightforward. His courses are affordable, and they provide a strong foundation for new writers (and seasoned writers alike). 

Ben offers live five-week Zoom courses and a pre-recorded version you can take at your own pace. He’s also got script consultation and coaching options if you’d like some one-on-one help. 


Best For Experienced Writers 

If you want to get a taste of what it’s like to be in a writer’s room, check out Script Anatomy. Script Anatomy structures its courses like a TV Writer’s Room where students get to critique and pitch on each other’s work. 

Courses are taught by working screenwriters, and although it’s not exactly like a room, it’s a great place to start to learn how to give critique, how to take it, and how to pitch. And since writer’s rooms can be as much as 70% pitching, this is a great place to get some practice.  


Best for Feature Length Screenplays  and Continued Learning

Check out Ela Thier’s Write Your Best Screenplay course at The Independent Film School if you’re writing a short film or feature-length screenplay. Her school only offers asynchronous online courses but she also offers virtual writing groups for accountability. She also offers coaching for an additional cost. 

Despite Ela’s classes being online, her teaching style still manages to be warm, encouraging, and thorough. And the best thing about Ela’s style is that she’s not just teaching you to write, she’s teaching you how to find your inner artist. 

Ela’s school offers an array of courses for aspiring filmmakers. Along with Write Your Best Screenplay, she also offers Producing Indie Films, Directing the Camera, Directing the Actor, and others. 

Another great instructor for continued learning is Jill Chamberlain. Jill wrote a book about her signature “nutshell technique” and teaches it in the form of live virtual courses about once a quarter. Jill offers a feature-length course, a TV Writing course, and a simulated TV Writer’s room course where students write a season of a new show from scratch.


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